Ahmed Mostafa Kamal - International Career Development Advisor

International Career Development Advisor National Career Development Association (NCDA) Global... ...

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Moaz Ahmed Bn Hussien - Grow AT Senior Partners

General Manager of GOODAT Management Consulting Collaborating Lecturer at the... ...

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Ayshah El Mulhim - Director of the Programs Department at the GOODAT Company for Management Consulting

Director of the Programs Department at the GOODAT Company for... ...

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Khalifa Ahmed AlBarakati - Career Coach

 Khalifa AlBarakati, Vice President and Chief Program Officer of Tasamy... ...

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Afaf Hamad Almujalli - Career Coach

6 years of experience in employing, empowering, guiding and training... ...

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Eman Saleh Alyousef - Career Coach facilitator

More than 15 years of diverse experience between Banks, Compliance,... ...

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Abdulaziz Sami Almuhaisin - Career counselor

Career counselor - trainer in human development - worked in... ...

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Eman Almutiri - career advisor

career advisor; She holds a master's degree in Student Counseling... ...

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Haila Mohammed AlRakaf - Professional Certified Coach ( PCC)

Professional experiences:  Previously, worked as a clinical pharmacist, pharmaceutical care... ...

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Madhawi Alqasim - " Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)"

A people-oriented lady who has strong skills in project management,... ...

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